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Hello, I'm looking for the intake tube that goes from the airbox to the turbo on a BJ71. Part number 17882-58080. Thanks, Angelo
Complete decklid rack. Bolt on and all hardware is included. Will fit most older Beetles also. $125 shipped to US.
Hey everyone, I have a 2018 Soul! 1.6L Turbo and these rims are stock on that trim model and year. I recently had a flat and due to no spare, had the most difficult time trying to deal with getting a new tire. Had to leave my soul up on blocks as I do not use fix a flat and know how to change a flat. Long story short, I now have new rims and rubber and am keeping one of the original rims and ne...
I have a like new condition 200 series fit kit for ARB/Outback drawers available. It is in complete and fantastic condition and all pieces with hardware are here and ready to install into your Land Cruiser. $125 plus shipping This is for sale...
Long story short, my son blew the motor in his 80. Can't find a shop around Denver who rebuilds them. Need one ASAP.
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This engine came out of my 02 911. Thought to be a rod knock when swapped out. 110xxx on Odo. I will part out if interested in specific parts. Otherwise, it is in a covered crate ready to ship.
Stock Number: Longmont - 12858306, Year: 2005, Make: Hitachi, Model: ZX800, New/Used: Used. A/C cab, 9 ft 6 in stick 30 in TBG, 84 in bucket INOPERABLE, Hydraulic Excavator
Stock Number: Longmont - 12858236, Year: 2010, Make: Hitachi, Model: EH3500, New/Used: Used. Air Conditioner, Air Ride Seat, Heated Body, Fast Fuel Fill, INOPERABLE, Rock Truck
Stock Number: Longmont - 12858233, Year: 2010, Make: Hitachi, Model: EH3500AC, New/Used: Used, Mileage: 42,472. Air Conditioner, Retarder, Onboard Scale, Rear View Camera, Traction Control, Emergency Steering, Air Ride Seat, Fire Suppression System, Coal Body, Auto Lube, 37.00R57, onboard scale, INOPERABLE, Rock Truck
Stock Number: Longmont - 12809071, Year: 2012, New/Used: Used. 4 cyl diesel, INOPERABLE Space Heater
Stock Number: Longmont - 12809075, Year: 2012, New/Used: Used, Mileage: 2,024. 4 cyl diesel, INOPERABLE Space Heater
Stock Number: Longmont - 12784754, Year: 2012, New/Used: Used. Engine, 8x8
Stock Number: Longmont - 12785433, Year: 2009, New/Used: Used. INOPERABLE, Cummins ISX 485 hp, 12000 lb frnt, 40000 lb rears, 33 In. sleeper, air trac, T/A Sleeper Truck Tractor
Stock Number: Longmont - 12784751, Year: 2010, New/Used: Used. T/A Gooseneck Trailer
Stock Number: Longmont - 12808852, Year: 2010, New/Used: Used. 4 cyl diesel, INOPERABLE Space Heater
Stock Number: Longmont - 12784749, Year: 2008, New/Used: Used. T/A
Stock Number: Longmont - 12856696, Year: 2008, New/Used: Used
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