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Very likely a long shot, but I'd love to find a set of 15" SA starburst wheels (5, preferably). I saw a post a while back saying that these should indeed fit a bigger brake kit - can anyone confirm? Hoping to pair these with KO2's Thanks a ton!
Looking for a set of OEM Sahara or Rubicon fender flares (the 4" wider factory flares). Open to any color but Black is a bonus. Thanks!
Hi All - I am looking for a first generation (pre 82) 14 pin instrument cluster plug, with wire pigtails attached so I can verify wire colors. Really appreciate any help! Thanks Scott S
Prefer a turbo kit but will also consider a supercharger kit. Must be complete and in good working order. Needs tuning for obd1/coil pack. Let me know if you have anything
Testing the waters, currently have a fiberglass shell. If I sell this, I want to purchase an overland rack that is roughly halfway up cab height so a rooftop tent does not exceed the roofline.
I m on the lookout for Rock Warriors for my 2008 LC. If you have some let me know. If you have a lead on some I would appreciate a shout out. They are difficult to come by so the more help I have the better. Thanks
Moved up to KO2s but holding on to my dynapros for emergency spare wheels. Would like to purchase a single 18 inch wheel to carry as an additional spare. Located in Denver, willing to pick up or meet within about 2 hours drive.
My foam is shot, I don't think I will be able to re-cover. Any help appreciated. -Josh
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Hello all, I am looking for a set of Billet timing chain tensioner a and guides. If you have 2 primary chains to go with it is a plus.
Lemme know what you got thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Hi, I m looking for a glovebox for a 101 project that I m working on. Even if it s rusty that would be fine. I have a CNC Plasma so can fab the part, just need something I can measure the dimensions on to use as a template. A good functional one is preferred. One less thing to worry about.
Do you have a Raingler Cargo Net that simply isn't getting used as much as you thought it would? Thought you'd be storing everything on the roof under your new net but have been throwing everything in the back of the X instead? Not camping or overlanding or roadtripping nearly as much as you thought you would be?? Then please, let me help you get your unused gear off your X or out of your garag...
Looking for 7" or 8.4" to upgrade from my 5" radio in 2019 Sport S.
I have a 2020 Crew Cab and I m in the market for a used topper. Not really particular about color as I plan to refinish whatever I buy anyway. I just can t bring myself to pay the price of new ARE, Leer, ATC, Snugtop toppers these days. Have cash in hand and ready to buy. I m in Colorado but will travel. Thanks.
Unfortunately, my LJ was stolen 3 weeks ago and it doesn't look like I am getting it back. I am looking for a low milage (under 60k miles), rust free, good condition LJ Rubicon that is preferably Khaki but I am also open to Black. Ideally it's as...
On my quest to finish my project I have been thrown another curve ball. I need some mid length headers instead of long tubes. If anyone had them please let me know. If you have them with the x pipe even better since my x pipe has been trashed. No rush need it by December and on a bit of a budget as well Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
I know this is a long shot, but does anyone happen to have an old F with an oil pressure regulator they'd part with? It is #5 in the picture. #6 is the gasket.
Hello all, I am looking to by a Mustang GT (preferably Premium W/ Perf Pack) and budget is about 25-28k if possible. I am flying down there Wednesday and can pickup the car Wednesday if possible.
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