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Toby is a happy, lovable guy! He is very playful with people and other dogs! He loves affection, walks well on leash, and would do best with scheduled potty breaks as he transitions into a new home. Toby can be mouthy and rough when he plays with small kids and would do best in a home with kids over 10.
Oko is a sensitive boy! He'll appreciate a mellow home where he can relax and come out of his shell. He enjoys playing fetch and long walks with his adopter sound like great fun! Oko can be stressed when experiencing new places so a patient adopter who can help him feel secure will be ideal. HSBV will only rehome to a family with children aged 10 or older to allow for a comfortable transition.
Mocha is the perfect medium size and oh so cute! She can be insecure when meeting new people, so an upbeat adopter with a gentle touch will be ideal to help her feel her best. Mocha may enjoy living with another dog, and she will only be rehomed to a family with children aged 10 or older.
He is a sweet and friendly guy who is happy to meet everyone. He is easy to leash and looks forward to walks around the neighborhood. He is a smart guy who knows the `sit` and `shake` command, and is willing to learn more. While in the yard, throw the dog toy . . . and well, he just might look at you going `huh?` . . . but bring out a dog treat and he will love you forever, hehe. We recommend t...
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